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"The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out". Bill Gates, Sr. 
Infant Program (Tiny Turtles)


Every moment with an infant is precious and we take advantage of that!  Our focus is on providing a safe and nurturing environment for babies to grow and achieve the many milestones of their first year.   Through simple games like peek-a-boo, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants develop language, social and motor skills.  Even at such a young age, there are many activities we do together. Every day your child will receive outdoor experiences (weather permitting), enjoy sensory activities, shared story time, musical activities and craft/fine motor time (for older infants).

Your baby's happiness and health are our number one priority. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, and a “no shoes” policy ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces.
We will never forget that parents are their child's first and most important teachers! Every day, we will provide you with a written account of your child's day and talk with you about it.  On your child's "Daily Sheet" we note how your little one slept, ate, and played, as well as tell you about the activities they enjoyed.

​Young Toddler Program (Swinging Monkeys)

Walking,  climbing, exploring...  by acquiring mobility, your little one experiences the world in a whole new way, making movement and related milestones an important component of our young toddler program. The spacious young toddler classroom provides our little ones with plenty of room to move as they perfect their walking skills. But movement is only one aspect of a varied curriculum that promises to stimulate and nurture very young minds and bodies. Our toddler rooms provides a fun and flexible environment that balances stimulating activities, quiet time, small group interaction, and individualized attention.  Through fun activities and gentle guidance, our toddler teachers create a nurturing environment that stimulates learning in a calm and reassuring way. They know when to stand back and let your child explore, when to lend a hand, and how to use short, informal activities to encourage social development and friendships.

​Older Toddler Programs (Busy Bees and Terrific Tigers)

Our Older Toddler classrooms have been designed as a place for busy children who need room to move and explore. There are a variety of materials and centers in our Older Toddler Rooms to capture their interest, including dress up, blocks, housekeeping, a cozy library, and our 'theme table' which includes great hands-on items to explore that relate to our weekly learning theme. Children in this program will be introduced to a more structured daily routine that includes daily circle time, story time, and more! There are many skills that the teachers will work on as the children begin to gain independence and learn to better express their needs.  Children will begin learn their ABC's, to count to ten, the days of the week, and basic colors and shapes through play, song, and games. They will also begin to learn how to make friends, solve problems, and be helpers to their peers and teachers.  Throughout the year, toddlers in this class will be exposed to a variety of topics and themes which incorporate music, language, stories, and arts & crafts activities.  As we watch vocabularies grow and friendships form, the teachers will also nurture each child's individual interests.  When your child is ready, we will also work with you to help potty train your child.

Preschool Programs (Leap Frogs and Awesome Owls)

We have 2 preschool classes at the Imagination Station.  The Leap Frogs serves 3 year olds and the Awesome Owls serves children who are 4 and 5 years old. Both preschool classes operate on our full day schedule.  Children enrolled in our pre-school programs will have daily opportunities to develop academic, social and emotional skills through engaging, hands-on activities.  Our preschool classes use the Creative Curriculum, which is designed as investigations of subjects that are exciting and highly motivational to young children and incorporates many opportunities to explore art, literature, role-playing and fine & gross motor skills development.  The teachers help children learn how to interact socially with their peers, talk and play with their friends as well as instill turn taking and listening skills. By helping to develop self esteem and confidence, teachers provide the emotional security children need to develop curiosity and enjoyment in the process of learning. (Research tells us that this, NOT rote memory of the ABCs and 123s, is the strongest indicator of school success!) Our preschool graduates will leave us, no doubt, ready for kindergarten with strong foundational skills and solid educational experience!

Before and After Care Program

The Imagination Station offers before and after school care to children who attend Shrewsbury Elementary School and Southern Elementary School.   In the morning, children are given time to relax and explore.  Upon returning to the Imagination Station, your child will be served a yummy, healthy snack, and then be allowed to relax and unwind.  If parents choose, a staff member will oversee your child as they complete their homework.  When schools are closed, we will entertain the crowd with exciting projects, field trips,  movie days and more!

Summer Camp Program

When school is out for the summer, how long will it be until you hear those dreaded words, "Mom, I'm bored!" ? 

When you enroll your children in the Imagination Station's Summer Camp, you won't have to worry about whether or not your children will be having fun!  We have packed our summer camp weeks with exciting, hands-on activities.  With great themes such as the Wild West, Kids' Kitchen, and Sports, of Course!  your children will surely have a good time while trying something new and making new friends.  We also have planned for many opportunities to get wet  and to play outdoors . We have weekly field trips, special visitors, and activities that are included with your summer camp activity fee. Our indoor space is stocked with games and activities just for the big kids, so when its time to "Chill Out" inside, they have plenty activities to choose from.

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